I'm a software developer and an IT security enthusiast from Kolkata,India, living in Bangalore, India.

My specialties are:

  • Vulnerability Research & Fuzzing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • C, C++ & Assembly Language
  • Python/JS/VBA/HTML etc.
  • Amature Exploit Development 
  • Security Tool Development
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing of Web App, Network & Thick Client

Few of my security research works and achievements can be found Here

I love to find software security bugs. Some for $$$ and some for fun. I also develop everyday hacks that make life a better place. The internet is my only teacher, I do lot of experiment and head scratching. I strongly believe networking is sharing and sharing is caring. Sharing knowledge helps us increase our own knowledge.  Most of the soft stuffs i write(good / bad), I make them open source to help other's development.​ As a big enthusiast of IT security and ethical hacking,I love to learn and discover new things and to share knowledge and experience. I hope you find this blog useful.

My views are my own and do not represent those of my employer.

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