ARWIN Source Code

#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>

arwin - win32 address resolution program
by steve hanna v.01
you are free to modify this code
but please attribute me if you
change the code. bugfixes & additions
are welcome please email me!
to compile:
you will need a win32 compiler with
the win32 SDK

this program finds the absolute address
of a function in a specified DLL.
happy shellcoding!

int main(int argc, char** argv)
HMODULE hmod_libname;
FARPROC fprc_func;

printf("arwin - win32 address resolution program - by steve hanna - v.01\n");
if(argc < 3)
printf("%s <Library Name> <Function Name>\n",argv[0]);

hmod_libname = LoadLibrary(argv[1]);
if(hmod_libname == NULL)
printf("Error: could not load library!\n");
fprc_func = GetProcAddress(hmod_libname,argv[2]);

if(fprc_func == NULL)
printf("Error: could find the function in the library!\n");
printf("%s is located at 0x%08x in %s\n",argv[2],(unsigned int)fprc_func,argv[1]);



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